Under A Special Agency Agreement A Broker

(5) The contracting authority has all of the following obligations vis-à-vis an agent in an agency, with the exception? In these cases, the commission is often added to the sale price and then paid by the buyer to the broker as part of the financing. If the buyer is able to buy the property with a substantial discount by the power of the broker/agent`s negotiating ability, the broker/agent has more than earned his fees. Exclusive representation means that the broker/agent is employed by the buyer and works diligently on behalf of the buyer. This form is similar to the non-exclusive form, except for one essential difference: the buyer has agreed to collaborate exclusively with the broker/agent. 9) If an agent has entered into an agency contract with a buyer, the agent becomes buyer_s agent: also known as ____ ________ the exclusive contractual conditions usually vary between 30 days and a year. If the buyer decides to then buy a property that has been presented to him by the agent, he owes a commission to the agency. Exclusive representation gives the broker/agent the opportunity to negotiate on behalf of the buyer with unsusered sellers (e.g.B. for sale by the owner). This agreement describes the obligations and obligations of the broker/agent towards the buyer, agency relationships, brokerage obligation and buyer obligations; it does not provide for compensation. (a) offer to purchase (b) lease agreement (c) lease agreement (d) dual agency agreement (9) A buyer_s agent is generally paid by the traditional commission agreement between listing broker and the cooperating broker, the commission the___________pays, which is then divided between the listing agent and the Buyer Agent. (a) in the execution of the mandatory design agency agreement, this shall be referred to as dual agency designated. b) It is only with disclosure and informed consent that such representation is called double representation amicably. c) It is only when the agent informs the seller and has executed the unilateral flat-rate offer of the sub-agency addendum at the time of the launch of the offer that we speak of a double blanket agency.

(d) It does not allow a dual agency, only an individually designated agency. (a) Whether the broker was actually aware of the infringement. b) In all circumstances, the department applies independent liability to all broker managers.c) Only if the broker participated in the violation of the law with the partner d) A broker is never liable for the actions of Associates due to the doctrine of the Caveat Emptor. 9) A broker may enter into a single agency contract with one of the following points, except? a) performance of the contract b) expiry of the contract c) Mutual agreement between broker and client d) waiver of the client 8) With regard to the remuneration of cooperative sales, the____________ broker is the person who makes the fractions of commissions for the transaction. (11) If a buyer decides: that he wants services at the customer level, the buyer signs a document in the form of ____10) When the agency is completed, the lessee will no longer be considered as principal_s representative and does not owe any other obligations to the client, with the exception of the following obligations? (a) Sub-agency (b) intermediary (c) disclosure (d) non-agency (a) The owner of the immovable property. (b) any broker participating in the transaction. c) The broker employed by the seller. d) The buyer of the property. 12) An agency relationship may be involuntarily terminated by which of the following? 1) When a cooperating broker accepts an offer from a listing broker, to whom does the cooperating broker owe fiduciary duties? 9) All of the following types of agency relationships, with the exception? a) bankruptcy b) expiry of the term of the contract c) termination of the agent 7) What type of agency would be most advantageous for a buyer? a) Express agency b) Implicit agency c) Transaction agency d) Claiming agency a) exclusive right of representation b) designated agent c) undisclosed double agency d) Sub-agency 5) Designated agency means that clients do not have all the fiduciary duties they have if they participated fully in the sales agency or purchasing agency.

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