Bird Rental Agreement

Don`t cover LIME and BIRD! So you say, “I`m sure these big companies will protect me if something goes wrong.” It`s not true! The Lime and Bird leases (yes, they have a detailed lease that you accept if you register online) have exceptions that say they are NOT responsible for EVERYTHING that happens while you drive their scooter. Let`s go even further and imagine what would happen if a driver beat a pothole, which causes injury. Or maybe the scooter had a mechanical problem, like faulty brakes. In addition to all the defences imposed by the operation of the lease, these are likely scenarios in which private automobile insurance would not offer insurance coverage. Until Bird or Lime are forced to provide responsible insurance coverage, drivers should be aware of these potential coverage problems. Contracts for the use of electric scooters are controversial. Many people think they are unfair to victims and isolate electric scooter sharing companies too well. Thus, the victims remain incompetent and Lime and Bird valued at billions. Several provisions of the use agreements used by Lime and Bird relate to binding arbitration procedures. In these provisions, you are obliged to take an action against Lime or Bird to an arbitration tribunal rather than a court of arbitration.5 However, by accepting the user agreement, you deny the company responsibility in many situations.

You also renounce many of your rights. One afternoon in late May, a Bird Scooter appeared outside my house in San Francisco. This would be considered a normal sight in many U.S. cities, where shared electric vehicles have been available every minute since 2018 for rental. But Bird is not part of the 12-month scooter pilot program in San Francisco – the company can only lease its fleet of black and white two-wheelers that cross Oakland Bay. In San Francisco, the small number of scooters allowed by the program, by rivals Spin and Scoot, is not allowed in my neighborhood. To the extent permitted by law, this release and restraining agreement includes all claims relating to or resulting exclusive or partial negligence of Bird, the released parties, a municipality or another party.