Wii User Agreement

Although the Wii network service is intended for your personal recreational use, you are responsible for using the wii service via your Wii console (whether or not you have given it permission) and to ensure that it understands and accepts this agreement. They also agree to: nintendo may access, use, monitor, disclose or retain information about your use of network services, including, but not only, your personal data and user content, or the information Nintendo acquires about you using a nintendo device or network service, if Nintendo believes in good faith that this is necessary to comply with applicable legislation or to comply with the legal procedures of the relevant authorities; (b) enforce this agreement or protect the rights or property rights of Nintendo, its users or the public; (c) avoid loss of life or serious injury by someone; or (d) prevent any potentially illegal or reckless activity. Nintendo knows that privacy is important to you. Our privacy guidelines describe how we collect, use and de-dividing our users` information. We recommend that you read our privacy guidelines before using our products and services. We can use your data to: (i) respond to your requests for products, services and information, including sending you commercial and non-commercial messages and processing orders you have placed; (ii) contact them in relation to our products and services, including for marketing and advertising purposes; (iii) make it easier for you to use our products, services and websites; (iv) allow you to participate in online games, contests, contests, surveys, public forums and other features offered by our products, services and websites; (v) make recommendations and tailor the content, functionality and advertising available through our products, services and websites and on other people`s websites; (vi) put in place redress orders and respond to requests for services provided by consumers; (vii) providing back-end services, including system updates and system notifications; (viii) offer free games, apps, trial versions and other content; (ix) to analyze and facilitate the use of our products, services and sites; x) conducting demographic studies; (xi) to understand, improve and develop our products, services and sites; (xii) prevent any potentially illegal or insouling activity; (xiii) enforce our rights or the rights of our users; (xiv) to verify their identity and prevent fraudulent transactions; and (xv) for other purposes that will be communicated to you at the time of collection of your data or according to your consent. Some Wii games and Wii channels give you the ability to create pseudonyms, a user ID and interact with other Wii users. We strongly advise you not to use your own name for user or miis IDs that you can create. In addition, we strongly advise you not to disclose personal data about yourself and not to allow your children to share personal information about themselves with other Wii users. We do not have to return or refund points, even if the contract expires. We used the wireless connection and it should get all the DNS information on our own, but we found out that we had to do it manually, so only your system settings and search for DNS information and then go to your internet settings, you should be able to copy the information in the connection and then the user agreements will tell you , I agree with and your good! We may collect, use and disclose the personal data they provide to us; (b) we collect automatically; and (c) we receive other sources.