Tobacco Distribution Agreement

The company chose Ohio as the taat market, based on factors that are not limited to the incidence rate of tobacco among seniors, local excise duties on tobacco products, and proximity to markets the company has identified for potential future expansion opportunities. ADCO occupies a well-established position in the ohio tobacco products category and has strategically focused its network to effectively cover more than 5,000 convenience outlets through direct and indirect relationships. With its internal resources and a list of important partners throughout the state of Ohio, ADCO will be able to maintain a high satisfaction rate for Taat and prevent inventory by maintaining a “safety stock” of all Taat varieties in its distribution center. In the coming weeks, initiatives are expected to be launched to implement taat in ADCO retail stores. i) Store Locator – Place a store locator on the V2CIGS web platform if Intrepid reaches distribution in 10,000 retail accounts, measured by Deritpid RW3, MSA or any other reliable source of this data, including, but not limited to unreported jobs and subcontractors. (ii) to examine the material and confidential information (A) to those of their representatives who must be aware of the same thing and who are bound by confidential obligations equivalent to those provided in this agreement; B) potential investors, strategic partners who have entered into confidentiality agreements with the custodian party, which imposes confidentiality obligations on these recipients regarding these matters or information equivalent to those provided in this agreement. , (C) to lenders who are subject to the usual knowledge of their compliance with confidentiality and (D) in the context of a public offering or private placement of securities as part and to the extent prescribed by securities legislation, provided that the matters proposed in a private placement contain customary restrictions on the confidentiality of these securities; and (b) when an OEM-born company enters into a merger or acquisition transaction with a company that is not listed in Schedule E and there is no agreement between this OEM and the VMR on that date, it becomes a company excluded from the OEM. (b) in the event of violations, disputes, claims or disagreements arising from or related to this agreement, which are not expressly stated in Section E and which permit termination facilities, the contracting parties follow the following steps to achieve this. i. 35,000 retail tests. (a) until June 24, 2014, the fact that V2 products are marketed at at least 35,000 retail sites or (b) does not then maintain the distribution of V2 products in at least 35,000 retail stores for two consecutive quarters; measured at the end of the quarter, as in the Intrepid at Quarterly Meetings reports, for reasons of clause a or b), which have nothing to do with the availability of VMR V2 products, or regulatory measures limiting the availability of sites where V2 products can be sold. With respect to clause (a) above, vMR has the right to terminate the agreement by providing a written termination within 30 days of receiving the June 2014 quarterly report by VMR.

With respect to clause b, VMR has the right to terminate this contract by providing a written termination within 30 days of receiving VMR`s quarterly meeting report, which indicates that distribution was not maintained in at least 35,000 retail stores for the second consecutive quarter.