St George Residential Loan Agreement General Terms And Conditions

25 Transactions 18 Debits and credits to your credit account We may assign any date that we consider appropriate to assign a charge or credit to your credit account (except in the case of a charge, the date must not be before the date on which the corresponding transaction takes place). However, we credit payments to your credit account once we have received them. It is not necessarily the same day that you pay. Then we can adjust the debits and credits to your credit account and the balance owed to your credit account to accurately reflect the legal obligations of you and us (for example. B because of an error or because a cheque or direct booking is disgraced). If we do, we can make follow-up changes (including interest charges). We can apply any payment we receive from you in any order. If you sign up, you can use the internet and the bank over the phone to debit (retribut) your credit account or credit it (transfers). Other services are available for other accounts with Internet and bank phone access. We apply a limit of $1 million for internet and telephone money transfers to your credit account. Please note: If your loan has a balance if you have not made any withdrawal (retitrised) or credit (repayment) for seven years, we may be required by law to close your account and transfer the required money to your account to the government.

We will usually notify you before closing your account, but there may be situations in which we are unable (z.B. where our registration of your address is out of date). You can contact us to find out how to recover unclaimed money (although it may take three months or more to recover money that has been transferred to the government). 25 11 d) Additional Inspections We may at any time require the designated expert or appraiser to inspect the site and certify that the construction work has been completed satisfactorily to the agreed extent and in accordance with the approved plans and specifications available to us (you must provide all additional information or documents reasonably necessary by the assessor or evaluation participant).