Business Solutions Agreement Amazon

The agreement that governs your seller accounts is called the Business Solutions Agreement. Amazon sellers are not necessarily subject to the participation agreement or “terms of use.” CJ Rosenbaum: That means that if you sent $100,000 us to Amazon the day before the deal, that $100,000 in stock is now subject to that agreement. And that doesn`t seem to be fair. But in your previous contract, Amazon said that you are responsible and responsible and that you are subject to all the changes that Amazon wants to make. In addition, I like that there is a conflict. It explicitly identifies that if there is a conflict, what will govern. How do you think we`re going to use this to help sellers? If the arbitrator is a lawyer, that person has been taught that unilateral agreements are not applicable. His basic contractual right taught every lawyer in the United States. Referees in amazon seller of disputes with Amazon, sometimes force the unilateral agreement and sometimes not. This section of the agreement has not changed, but we would like to give some advice to the sellers to better understand this special section of the contract and ensure that they do not run into similar problems. This is probably a section that won`t really ever be updated.

Finally, they say that it is not exclusive. The relationship you have with Amazon is therefore an independent contractor, and that is the purpose of clarifying Section 13 of the BSA agreement. CJ Rosenbaum: So, right now, Amazon is trying to reach out and include companies that don`t sign this agreement because they work on your behalf. Therefore, you should watch each of these videos on our update for the entire contract. As a senior partner in a law firm that focuses on Amazon sellers, it`s amazing how many sellers have never heard of the Business Solutions Agreement or the BSA. When I talk to sellers all over the world, there is the contract that relates to the sellers. Sellers refer to their sale agreement on Amazon almost without exception as a “participation agreement” or “terms of use.” I don`t see where it says what transaction information means. For me, it can mean just about anything, from a sale to confidential information. So it`s a broad spectrum of what that might mean. We have seen that this problem arises during arbitration, where you have a seller that Amazon has not paid or that you have suspended, you have disclosed this information to someone else, such as an employee, employee or advisor, who does not have the confidentiality of lawyers and clients.